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Cross Country Ski Trips - Luxury Wellness Travel

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Cross Country skiing is a sport that most people can learn at anytime. Anyone, regardless of their age or stage of life can enjoy the benefits. It improves your balance, keeps you aerobically fit, it works all the large muscle groups in your body while it helps you stay mobile and active. The sport has long been popular with all ages as it is easy on the joints, with no impact and little risk of hurting yourself. In other words it is perfect lifetime sport. There are two types of cross country skiing: classic skiing which is what most people think of when they think of cross country skiing and skate skiing which is a newer version of nordic skiing. While both types of skiing improve your fitness and help you stay fit for life they come with their own benefits. I recommend starting by learning to classic ski and add skate skiing as you become more proficient and comfortable on the snow.

An additional benefit of cross country skiing is that it can improve your conditioning for other sports. Cross country skiing is the ultimate cross training if you like to run, cycle, row or hike in the summer. Cyclists and rowers have long been known to use the cardiovascular benefits of skiing to improve their fitness over the winter. Cross country skiing also has added benefits for cyclists as it strengthens upper body and core muscles, something that cycling doesn't do. If you enjoy cycling and maybe have a Granfondo as a goal for the future, then cross country skiing is a great way to start improving your fitness before cycling season officially begins.

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