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Active Adventure

Un-Cruise: UnRushed, UnCrowded, UnBelievable



60 chatterbox falls smUn-Cruise Adventures was born out of a desire to offer small group, hands-on explorations in some of the most inspiring places in the Americas. With a constant eye on treading lightly, their small boats and yachts introduce adventurers to places, encounters, and activities sure to leave a lasting impression in each person’s life.

30 safari explorer paddle boarder smDepending on the vessel and destination, most activities are included. Un-Cruise believes it is important to get out and explore nature and local communities by hiking through secluded forest or desert trails, walking on a glacier, kayaking in a secluded cove or taking a skiff ride to explore the shoreline and spot wildlife, or spending time with locals learning about their way of life.

Un-Cruise understands that ecosystems are fragile, yet important, environments. With profound respect and admiration, we gain a renewed spirit about how amazing nature and its wild inhabitants can be on every journey. And we know first-hand the impact the Un-Cruise adventures have on sustaining local communities. Un-Cruise actively promotes environmental protection through education, actions and initiatives that promote responsible travel. They are members of Sustainable Travel International, which focuses on responsible travel and ecotourism.

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Greenland with Quark Expeditions

Greenland-resizeIn September of 2013 I was flying back from London to Vancouver. It was a clear day and I was able to see out of the window to the vistas below for the majority of the flight. As I peered out the window I noticed the amazing, never ending glaciers of Greenland. I looked out in wonder and thought, “who goes there? Can anyone travel there?”

Fast forward to September of 2014 and I am traveling to where?….. Greenland!!! I was traveling with the leaders in Polar Expeditions, Quark Expeditions. I boarded the 100 passenger vessel in Akureyri, Iceland and we were off for a trip along the East Coast of Greenland. Traveling with Quark was lovely experience as I was in company so many well-travelled people. The ship was full of doctors, scientists, and modern life explorers who came from countries all over the world. Since most of the guests had travelled to Antarctica before and had experienced the Drake Passage, the one day sailing to reach the fjords in Greenland was nothing for them, however, I felt better lying in my bed for the crossing of the Denmark Strait. Once we got into the fjords though I had no problem with the sea as the water was calm.

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Use it or Lose it: Physical Activity Promotion

physical activityAfter growing up as an athlete, studying kinesiology, working as a personal trainer & volleyball coach before my current career in Wellness Travel, you can see that my passion and expertise lies in the realm of physical activity and physical activity promotion. I live by the motto “Use it or Lose it”, in regards to aging and physical abilities. If we continually move our bodies and train our muscular system and nervous system we can continue to do the things we love to do as our life progresses.

Since the early 1900’s our advancing automatic technology (automobiles, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuums etc.) has taken physical activity out of our lives which has then allowed us more time to be productive??? Or sit and eat? So it is important for us to have a daily exercise routine. Something that allows us to reach just the minimum requirement of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week.

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Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

hot springs - resizeAs I walked through the Keflavik airport I noticed a sign, “why burn coal when you have fire?” This reiterated what I was most excited for about travelling to Iceland….. Hot Springs!  Iceland was never part of the original landmass Pangea and was formed all due to Volcanic Activity, similar to the Hot Spot under the Hawaiian Islands. So where there is Volcanic Activity there are hot springs with healing powers all around the country!

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Polar Expedition Travel with Quark Expeditions

Antarctic Explorer Quark Expeditions Travel AdventureExpedition travel by nature is for curious people who want to actively explore these pristine environments, embrace the unexpected and revel in the humbling beauty of the untamed wildlife. Quark Expeditions are the leaders in Polar Expeditions and offer both Arctic and Antarctic Voyages. It has been almost 25 years that Quark has been taking passengers to the two most extraordinary and inaccessible regions of the world.

To travel with Quark means you will be accompanied by like-minded adventurers and led by a passionate veteran expedition team who will enrich your understanding, ensure you get the most of your experience and have amazing memories to share. The idea for Quark Expeditions was born after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 by Lars Wikander and friend Mike McDowell. It was this time that many Russian ships became available for charter as they were purpose-built for the Polar Regions. The Quark fleet currently includes 5 ships ranging from guest capacity of 111 to 189.

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Cross Country Ski Trips

Cross Country skiing is a sport that most people can learn at anytime. Anyone, regardless of their age or stage of life can enjoy the benefits. It improves your balance, keeps you aerobically fit, it works all the large muscle groups in your body while it helps you stay mobile and active. The sport has long been popular with all ages as it is easy on the joints, with no impact and little risk of hurting yourself. In other words it is perfect lifetime sport. There are two types of cross country skiing: classic skiing which is what most people think of when they think of cross country skiing and skate skiing which is a newer version of nordic skiing. While both types of skiing improve your fitness and help you stay fit for life they come with their own benefits. I recommend starting by learning to classic ski and add skate skiing as you become more proficient and comfortable on the snow.

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