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What is Wellness?

wellness resizeWellness is a word that gets tossed around very often these days however do we have a clear idea about what we are talking about when we use that word? I have had a few people say to me, “I can’t hear that word anymore”, “It has lost all its meaning” or “It’s a buzz word that is overused”. Well (no pun intended), I wanted to write out what my definition of “wellness” is and what it means to pursue wellness.

Wellness means much of feeling well, as in goodness, is much good, therefore what does it mean to feel well? It is different for every person as to which avenue brings us to such a feeling but overall to be well is quite unanimous. To be well is to be full of energy, vitality and carry strong life force with us throughout our days. It is to have passion, inspiration and motivation to reach a goal or intended life path. To be well is to open our hearts to feel love and receive love. It is to be in balance, it is to be able to cope with our daily stressors and it is to feel a sense of peace and calm amongst the most difficult situations. To be well is to walk through our days with our head held high and unshakable confidence no matter what our situation is.

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What is Wellness Travel?

Our definition of Wellness Travel…

AnandaWellness means different things to different people and when we work with our clients, Wellness Travel is about finding the right property and experience that will boost and enhance their current state. Going on a Wellness Travel trip will either support one’s current journey of wellbeing or be the catalyst to forming new habits and begin a new path of personal health. Wellness Travel is NOT just going to a spa, it’s NOT just drinking green juice, it’s NOT just doing yoga everyday. It’s so much more. Yes yoga, green juice and spas are styles of Wellness Travel, but these are just parts of a larger spectrum. We define Wellness Travel on a spectrum: Everything from weight loss and detox programs, to active adventure travel, to wilderness and wildlife immersion, to learning journeys to rest, rejuvenation and spa getaways. These are all resources along the path of personal wellbeing.

“Wellness travel is nourishing your childhood sense of play” - Carly

“Wellness Travel is a catalyst to creating positive change for one’s wellbeing. It’s our job to facilitate this change for our clients as we are not transactional agents we are transformational agents.” – Jessy

Jessica's 2014 Year in Review

icelandWow, another exciting year has passed by. This one was roller coaster of events and emotions. I would like to share my highlights of 2014 with you…

Firstly, let's start with work. I am loving my job as a Wellness Travel Advisor at Renshaw Travel. This is an avenue Carly (my sister) and I have been pursuing together for the last 3 years. We get to be creative and entrepreneurial which is a lot of fun and very rewarding. We launched this website,, earlier this year for The Renshaw Wellness Collection. I have been busy writing all the articles for it which I really enjoy.

In addition to our office in my favourite place in the world, Kitsilano, the world is my office so I was able to have some wonderful work travel experiences; I visited Maui, New York, Montana, Iceland, Greenland and Mexico.

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Getting Naked....A Business Fable

I recently returned from Virtuoso Week, an annual luxury travel conference where the best of the best in the tourism and hospitality industry come together to exchange information. Every year Virtuoso has incredible speakers at the opening ceremonies and this year I listened to Patrick Lencioni, author of “Getting Naked…A Business Fable:”. He was truly inspirational to me. I did not study business in university nor did I ever see myself in a “sales” position. My passion is health and wellness and I want to help people, not sell them things. In the last 3 years as I have transitioned from the life of a university student to a builder of my own personal Wellness Travel brand under Renshaw Travel my interest in “business” has completely shifted. Whether one is a farmer, a yoga teacher, a doctor, a psychologist, a car salesman, a realtor or a travel advisor something is being sold. This something may be a service, product, a life changing experience or a necessity such as food and therefore business is involved.

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