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The Blue Lagoon: Balneotherapy in Iceland

The geothermal water of the Blue Lagoon orignates 2,000 metres below the surface where freshwater and seawater combine at extreme temperatures. It is then harnessed via drilling holes at a nearby geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, to create electricity and hot water for nearby communities. The Blue Lagoon was originally an accidental by-product of this process.Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was once just a pool that formed from the waste water of Svartsengi. In 1981 people started bathing in the waters as they realized its healing powers for treating skin conditions like Psoriasis. Then in 1992, The Blue Lagoon Company was built and opened a public bathing facility.

 The waters of the Blue Lagoon are deemed with healing qualities. On its way to the surface, the water picks up silica and minerals, before emerging at a soothing 38 degree Celsius. Perfect for a relaxing and re-energising bathe. The act of bathing in water for its healing qualities in order to treat disease is known as Balneotherapy. This type of therapy is used to treat arthritis, skin conditions and fibromyalgia.

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A Recipe to Health and Healing: 2 Parts Gratitude 1 Part Love

Emoto water crystalsOnce of my favourite books is “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. This book bosts research that can transform our health and I highly recommend it. Using high speed photography Dr. Emoto takes pictures of flash frozen water crystals after they have been exposed to words, pictures and music. Words like gratitude and love form beautiful water crystals and have the power to change the structure of water. Knowing that the human body is made up mostly of water I really start to understand how our words and thoughts influence our health both physically and mentally.

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Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort: Italy

Terme di Saturnia Mineral Pool Italy I am glad that Hydro-Centric Cures are being rediscovered and becoming a recent trend in travel because I love hot springs, mineral pools, spring water hunting, scuba diving and polar plunging! What I love most about sharing these visceral experiences with my clients, friends and loved ones is that these are anceint pratices; It has been "since the dawn of time that humans have refueled their life force with nature's original elixir". I wanted to share an exerpt about Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort  which was recently highlighted in the Virtuoso Traveler Magazine. Here's what they said about it.... 

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