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Brush Creek Ranch: Wyoming, USA - Luxury Wellness Travel

Ranch and Farm

Wyoming ,Wyoming, Wyoming… Wow!!!

brush creekWyoming is not a bucket list destination for many but we recommend you add it to your list of places to visit. Its wide open spaces, puffy clouds, wild antelope and dude ranches provide an internal sense of peace, calm and inspiration. We visited The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga Wyoming which is a 30,000 acre working ranch. Brush Creek ranch is a playground for adults and kids alike; an idyllic setting for a memorable family vacation. For the adults it brings out your youthful and playful side reminding us what it’s really like to play free of inhibition. For the kids it provides a never ending source of fun and freedom! The ranch is truly a playground for kids and adults to push their boundaries while learning new skills. Brush Creek provides is a reason to come back to Wyoming with your family year after year.

Yeehaw-resizeAt this all-inclusive ranch you can choose two activities to take part in per day. Included activities are fly fishing, pistol shooting, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, archery, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, ropes challenge course and paintball. Extra activities include a scenic river float, ATVing, Horseback riding, an overnight Yurt experience, cattle drive, spa and golf. Due to our relationship with Brush Creek Ranch we offer the Cattle drive or River float as a complimentary experience! These activities are led by incredible instructors, all experts in their field. If you have never shot a gun, ridden a horse or fished a day in your life you have the opportunity to try something new while being completely supported and if you are a seasoned pro then these guides will take you to the next level!

momma-resizeWe celebrated our mom’s 60th birthday at Brush Creek Ranch. Growing up our parents took us to dude ranches and they were our most memorable moments together. Since it had been 15 years since we were at a ranch last we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate together. Our mom had never fished before and to see her catch the most fish out of all of us was very exciting. The Ranch is a place to reconnect with your loved ones and share new experiences together. It is hard to describe just how special it is when you witness your mom and dad burst out in laughter and pure joy as they hit targets, hook fish, and drive 150 cattle into pasture.

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