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Jessica's 2014 Year in Review - Luxury Wellness Travel

Virtuoso Travel

icelandWow, another exciting year has passed by. This one was roller coaster of events and emotions. I would like to share my highlights of 2014 with you…

Firstly, let's start with work. I am loving my job as a Wellness Travel Advisor at Renshaw Travel. This is an avenue Carly (my sister) and I have been pursuing together for the last 3 years. We get to be creative and entrepreneurial which is a lot of fun and very rewarding. We launched this website,, earlier this year for The Renshaw Wellness Collection. I have been busy writing all the articles for it which I really enjoy.

In addition to our office in my favourite place in the world, Kitsilano, the world is my office so I was able to have some wonderful work travel experiences; I visited Maui, New York, Montana, Iceland, Greenland and Mexico.

A highlight from Maui was spending time with my dear friend Laura where we cycled the road to Hana, swam in the ocean, drank fresh coconut water and purified our soul in the waterfalls. She reminds me to keep love and joy in my heart wherever I go.

ny central parkFor New York, it was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed my time there. The city was buzzing and exactly what I had seen in the movies. I couldn’t resist skating in Central Park like John Cusack in Serendipity, playing Chopsticks on the giant piano like Tom Hanks in Big, touring around the Plaza like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone and going out on the town like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City.

Now Montana was a surprise for me in the best of ways; it's big sky and vast land had me hooked and I didn't want to leave. Carly and I went to a luxury guest ranch and spent our time hiking, riding horses, fishing and learning how to sport shoot.... Let's just say we were naturals!

greenland iceberg resizeIceland and Greenland were such a treat and I know what you're thinking, are you Walter Mitty? (Sorry to those who haven't seen that movie), but no I am not, however I did watch that movie on the way home from Reykjavik and it basically summed up my trip! Iceland is incredibly magical and I recommend all to visit. The highlight for me was the water: Spring water, hot springs, the Blue Lagoon, waterfalls, glaciers and geysers! Oh I can't forget the bubbling mud:) Greenland was remote and barren but with a keen eye so full of life! The animals were the highlight for me as I saw: arctic hare, arctic fox, musk oxen, many different birds, seals and footprints of the white ghosts (polar bears)!

mexico-resizeIn November, I went to Mexico for a Travel & Leisure Academy Trip. I was so excited to be chosen as an attendee for the week of round table discussion with other experts in the industry, however when I was down in Mexico my back acted up and I had to leave for home right at the start of the conference. I somehow made it through the 6 and a half hour flight and went for an MRI within a week of being home in Vancouver. This episode is close to the most pain and discomfort I have ever experienced. Through this all I remind myself that this injury is a blessing and the best spiritual teacher to come into my life thus far. My back episodes have been guiding me towards a life of love and compassion for the last 12 years. This reminds me to always, always practice an attitude of gratitude and to love everything and everyone with an open heart. Through imagination and positive thinking we can create any life we want. Even though at the moment, I am unable to do the things I once loved, like my sports, I realize my worth is not based on my physical capacity and that I need to slow down and smell the roses. I recognize that I am always changing and I need to let go of whatever doesn’t serve me anymore. As I heal up my body, my hobbies now consist of reading, journaling and writing poems. In addition to having my new hobbies as a source of positive impact in my life I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life who are incredibly kind, patient and inspirational.

Thank you 2014, it's been a wild ride! I look forward to 2015 where I focus my attention on bringing balance into my life

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