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What is Wellness Travel? - Luxury Wellness Travel

Virtuoso Travel

Our definition of Wellness Travel…

AnandaWellness means different things to different people and when we work with our clients, Wellness Travel is about finding the right property and experience that will boost and enhance their current state. Going on a Wellness Travel trip will either support one’s current journey of wellbeing or be the catalyst to forming new habits and begin a new path of personal health. Wellness Travel is NOT just going to a spa, it’s NOT just drinking green juice, it’s NOT just doing yoga everyday. It’s so much more. Yes yoga, green juice and spas are styles of Wellness Travel, but these are just parts of a larger spectrum. We define Wellness Travel on a spectrum: Everything from weight loss and detox programs, to active adventure travel, to wilderness and wildlife immersion, to learning journeys to rest, rejuvenation and spa getaways. These are all resources along the path of personal wellbeing.

“Wellness travel is nourishing your childhood sense of play” - Carly

“Wellness Travel is a catalyst to creating positive change for one’s wellbeing. It’s our job to facilitate this change for our clients as we are not transactional agents we are transformational agents.” – Jessy

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