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Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort: Italy - Luxury Wellness Travel


Terme di Saturnia Mineral Pool Italy I am glad that Hydro-Centric Cures are being rediscovered and becoming a recent trend in travel because I love hot springs, mineral pools, spring water hunting, scuba diving and polar plunging! What I love most about sharing these visceral experiences with my clients, friends and loved ones is that these are anceint pratices; It has been "since the dawn of time that humans have refueled their life force with nature's original elixir". I wanted to share an exerpt about Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort  which was recently highlighted in the Virtuoso Traveler Magazine. Here's what they said about it.... 

Terme di Saturnia Hot Springs Ancient Healing"Take to the waters at the 128-room Terme di Saturnia and you'll breastroke through the same thermal mineral pools where the Etruscans (and other anceint health seekers) bathed more than 2,000 years ago. In the Tuscan Maremma, natural spring water, filtered from its 40 year trek through the mountain's porous stone, teems with minerals, salts and healing gasses, staying a constant soothing temperature akin to the amniotic fluid that protects human beings at birth. Proven to aid skin conditions and release tension, a soak here detoxifies bodily organs and acts as an antiseptic. Float on and off all day, then take a break in the full-service Roman-inspried spa. Keep it water focused with an Aqua Relaxation treamtent, based on the principles of Watsu, performed in a soundproof room. Classic northern Italian cusines, a vast wine and mineral-water menu, and adjacent sunflower fields add to Terme di Saturnia's allure - as does a round of golf for two, complimentary for Virtuoso Guests." 

Terme di Saturnia Property Italy Luxury HotelIn 2011 Terme di Saturnia was awarded by Conde Nast as the Best Medical/Thermal/Natural Spas in the world. This year Terme di Saturnia was ranked in the top 20 Spa & Wellness retreats by CNN as well has been nominated for Spafinder's Wellness Travel Awards as "Best for Mineral or Hot Springs". Terme di Saturnia is 150km from Rome's Airport and can be reached by car service or helicopter service. Rates start as low as 285Euro and include the Virtuoso Amenities: Daily Buffet Breakfast, Complimetnary round of golf and upgrade upon availability.

I'm melting just thinking about it!

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