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A Recipe to Health and Healing: 2 Parts Gratitude 1 Part Love - Luxury Wellness Travel


Emoto water crystalsOnce of my favourite books is “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. This book bosts research that can transform our health and I highly recommend it. Using high speed photography Dr. Emoto takes pictures of flash frozen water crystals after they have been exposed to words, pictures and music. Words like gratitude and love form beautiful water crystals and have the power to change the structure of water. Knowing that the human body is made up mostly of water I really start to understand how our words and thoughts influence our health both physically and mentally.

Gratitude and love have a certain vibrational freqency. Hate has the opposite vibrational frequency of gratitude. This means that the pain from the emotion "hate" can be cured through gratitude, as the oppositve vbrational frequencies cancel out one another. I find this concept very fascinating and I look to include this mindset as I design spring water and hot spring tours around the world.

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