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Artic Haven: A Wilderness Lodge on the Canadian Barrenlands - Luxury Wellness Travel

Wilderness and Wildlife

AH2Arctic Haven is an incredible wilderness lodge located on Ennadai Lake in Nunavut (a 2 hour charter flight from Yellowknife). This lodge is perfect for anyone looking to reconnect with nature while enjoying comfortable accommodation and world class food!

THE LODGE-The first of its kind, Arctic Haven is powered by green energy (90 %). Twelve private rooms with comfortable hotel style accommodations mean that you can properly recharge after every adventure. Situated on the Arctic tree line, most evenings are filled with northern lights! Wildlife viewing, sea kayaking and hiking the tree line are just some of the wonderful excursions offered.

AH6WILDLIFE & PHOTOGRAPHY-Arctic Haven is located at the heart of Canada’s healthiest caribou herd. Caribou, Grizzly bears, wolves, & wolverines are some of the animals we will see. Award winning photographer Nansen Weber will be on property and you can ask him any questions about photographing the elusive Wolverine or the romanticized Northern Lights.

FOOD & WINE-Arctic Haven offers excellent cuisine, Okanagan wine and local foods. Their gourmet Canadian fare, changing seasonally, incorporates local eats from the Arctic such as Barren Lands blueberry crème brulé, Arctic lake trout gravlax and more.

AH5STAFF-Artic Haven is a family run lodge with three generations of polar adventure and over 30 years experience in the polar regions – this lodge is built on first-hand knowledge. If you would like to know more about Richard Weber, the co-founder of Arctic Haven you can read the book Polar Attack which tells the tales of Richard’s expeditions to the North Pole. This family certainly knows the Arctic !

ARCTIC MARATHON- For the Marathon enthusiasts you can also run a sanctioned race at Arctic Haven once a year. Heading south from Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, participants run along the western shoreline esker of Ennadai Lake to the tip of Birch bay. These natural ridges, leftover from the glacial era, provide perfect truly wild running paths, packed from centuries of migratory caribou. Running back towards the lodge, the trail continues northward towards one of the highest eskers in the area - aptly named "Blind Hill", for the century old Ihalmiut stone hunting blind located on the hilltop. Eagles, caribou and black bears are just some of the residents that call the very same paths home

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